It’s Got To Hurt A Little

There is an old saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Well, I think we can agree that might be taking it to the extreme. When we talk about setting financial goals and plans to achieve those goals, I think the more appropriate saying is “No pain, no gain.” You see, when you are modifying spending habits, you are going to be experiencing some growing pains. We are training ourselves to avoid impulse buying and using a credit card because we “don’t carry cash.” This change in behavior is going to be difficult and yes, even a little painful. It’s kind of like starting a new plan to work out at the gym. After the first few workouts, you will be sore. You will also probably be a little disappointed that you didn’t lift as much weight as you might have expected or wanted to lift. That’s ok! The fact that you made the decision to start is the most important thing.

Just like exercise or even a diet, once you stick to it and the habits are built into your lifestyle, over time you will see the results. You will start seeing your financial net worth go north. Looking back, you will think that the pain wasn’t so bad after all. Those of you that have already started your journey to financial freedom and look back on your first few months of that process, you know what I’m talking about.

Yes, it’s got to hurt a little but the results offering peace of mind and the feeling of accomplishment will far outweigh the pain you will feel. Even if no one else knows it.