Who We Are


Tim Tooker is the President and Head Coach of Endurance Financial Coaching, which is based in St. Augustine, Florida. Formerly of Memphis, Tennessee, Tim has been married to his wife, Lori, for 30 years and has two adult daughters. He enjoyed a successful 30-year career in the financial services industry and retired in 2016. This early retirement was made possible by consistently sticking to a family budget and living below the family means, regardless of what curveballs life threw their way. He has loved the freedom of retirement but also felt the calling to start something new in his life. Tim wants to share his personal financial management strategies with others, in hopes of helping families and individuals enjoy that same feeling of freedom. After becoming a certified Dave Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach in 2018, Tim established Endurance Financial Coaching. An avid runner, Tim believes that financial freedom is like training for a marathon. The journey may be hard but the joy, peace and freedom that comes from winning the financial “race” is undeniably worth it. What you need to succeed is a written goal and defined training plan. We are here to help you win your race!